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Wordscapes is that game that is the perfect balance between not so easy to be boring and not so difficult to be frustrating. And what you end up is a massively addicting puzzle game for both word puzzle nerds and every day players who just want to kill some time. Wordscapes is the latest game from the makers of Word Chums, Spell Blitz, simply put is a blend of crossword puzzle and a word search. It’s a super easy game to jump into, it is pretty rewarding right out of the gate, and there is just enough repetition that you can easily play in multi-task, its a great game to play alongside netflix pauses, airport layovers and late night insomnia. In terms of difficulty WordsSapes is pretty easy to figure out, it doesn’t require a ton of detailed instructions or watching gurus on youtube solve it, the puzzles as you can imagine, get progressively harder and new game elements are introduced as you play, which adds to the complexity. One feature we really like is when you inevitably get stuck on a word, you can use coins for hints and not left scratching your head. Wordscapes is uniquely rewarding and fun for all types of players and totally worth the time you spend on it. Check the Wordsapes Answers and Cheats below that we have:

The free play quality of this game is amazing.The entire game is free to play with optional game purchases , and those purchases are there for added convenience, and don’t demand anything or offer a better game experience. They’re for example points for extra hints when stuck or the ability to bypass ads to keep playing.They’re never things that you have to purchase to keep progressing in the game and that’s something we really like. The game offers a pretty decent brain workout. There’s the obvious vocabulary components that help you retain a larger vernacular, and while Wordscapes is not claiming to significantly increase IQ levels, it does keep your mind in tune and helps you develop logical thinking and cognitive skills, the addicting qualities of the game, help you max out on these benefits.